All beginnings are difficult – for this reason, we advise our customers in advance about the appropriate appliance solution and offer them technical and logistical support. Because we are specialists in hardware appliances, you will benefit from our expertise and experience.

We offer the following services in the area of pre-production:
Advice and support regarding the suitable hardware platform
Technical assistance in the adaptation of hardware and software
Support during the development and implementation of extended functionalities, such as the management interface/console, or the extension of the backup and restore functionality
Production/assembly with technical certification, software installation, customized configurations, etc.

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When the hardware is finally completed, ready for the market and available, new questions and tasks quickly arise for many manufacturers, such as the following: What about storage and how can the distribution of products be organized in a cost effective manner? What happens in a warranty or repair situation? To decrease costly and ongoing service work for our customers, we offer you a wide range of services and service concepts.

Our post-production logistics services include the following:
>Warehousing and warehouse management.
>Distribution/direct delivery of systems
>RMA management
>Manufacturer/customer warranty processing
>Standard – In/Out-of-warranty; DOA
>Advanced – Next Business Day pre-exchange (NBD)
>Repair and refurbishing. Support and technical services

Perfect Project

Including an appliance in a product portfolio is a particular challenge. In addition to the necessary hardware development and tuning of software, every manufacturer requires very reliable systems, qualified personnel and free resources. We offer our customers everything they need for a successful appliance solution, from the selection of the suitable hardware to the handling of their physical products.
To check whether your new product meets the needs of the market, it sometimes makes sense to offer only small quantities at first. This will allow you to gain experience in the sales of hardware and reduce technical risks. We will support you in selecting your ideal appliance hardware, the required adaptation, as well as the initial installation of the operating system and the software.
Increase your revenues
If your customers have accepted the hardware as a complete solution and the results were successful, then it is the right time to market a turnkey solution of your own design. This will improve your image, will increase the value of your solution and will increase sales and profitability. We will assist you with complete OEM/ODM management services, as well as in the conversion of standard hardware to meet the requirements of your company.  

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Perfect Process

Are you already successfully represented on the market with your appliances and are achieving high sales figures with suitable numbers of units? Then take advantage of additional cost and performance benefits through our customized “Perfect Process” concept. With our flexible and modularly constructed services, we are in the position to support our customers in taking precisely those steps where the potential savings, the time advantages or other benefits are possible.
It does not matter whether you are bringing a new OEM or ODM appliance on the market, or if you want to make your existing products more competitive – our job is to provide customized solutions that meet your individual requirements and to develop optimized hardware for your software.
And in case you yourself are already maintaining established supplier relationships with manufacturers and are satisfied with the hardware that you have selected, we can simply take over this purchasing process for you – and supplement it with additional, desired services. We will do this until, from your point of view, everything is perfect.
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If you have us at your side, then you will enjoy the highest flexibility and attain the finest results. We promise you optimized quality assurance and will ensure highly efficient business processes, from development through to production and all the way to service management.
We will be happy to provide you with information about our solutions and services.

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